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Clinical Trial Hero is a free, unique Android and iPhone app created to improve the lives of people suffering from chronic illnesses. Driven by a passion for helping others, the app offers guided meditations accompanied by Canadian-created imagery and soundscapes. The app encourages patients to create mindfulness using relaxation techniques to reduce the stress of illness and initiate a positive change in mental wellbeing.

Medical Meditation was designed and developed by Canadian internist, clinical immunologist and cancer survivor, Dr. Nikhil Joshi, also known as award-winning writer and CBC Radio host, Dr. C. Dr. Joshi discovered that mindfulness, introspection and reflection gave him strength throughout his own cancer diagnosis and treatment.

App Features

  • Background music made by Adam Hogan and produced by Phil Maloney of Canadian Indie Band “Hey Rosetta!”
  • Landscape photography provided by Robert Conway.
  • Applicable to people who have never meditated before.
  • Connects patients to clinical trials near them and in their areas of interest.
  • Allow creation of customized playlists for different needs and lengths of time.

Having cancer and receiving treatment was tough. I felt the stress of my illness was at times greater than the illness itself, so I developed a series of guided meditations to ease my suffering. Those meditations changed my life immensely and this is something I want to share with others experiencing the stress of chronic illness.

Dr. Nikhil Joshi

Our Founder

A doctor as well as a patient, Dr. Nikhil Joshi was born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland. After earning his undergraduate degree at the University of Calgary, he received his medical degree at St. John’s Memorial University. He followed that up with internal medicine residency and then further specialized in the study of allergy and immunology at the University of Manitoba.

In 2013, at the age of 24, Dr. Joshi was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Dr. Joshi saw first-hand, through his treatment, the difficulty that faces patients. As Dr. Joshi journeyed through the medical system during his cancer treatment, he found guided meditation helped his well-being immensely, leading to an increase in his quality of life. It was this discovery that led him to creating the Medical Mediation app with the ultimate purpose of improving the lives of people suffering from chronic illnesses.

He has gone on to publish The End of Suffering, a book of his personal experience, to give hope to other cancer patients.

Dr. Joshi was fortunate enough to make it through his cancer treatments and to be declared cancer-free. While his battle with cancer took him away from medicine for a time, he did return and currently practices as an Immunologist in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Nikhil Joshi

Why Medical Meditation?

We know mindfulness can help people. The Medical Meditation app aims to help people by using mindfulness to support those with stress, anxiety and depression by decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines and increasing resilience. The app has been designed as an add-on to therapy for a variety of common illnesses, in addition to standard treatments which should be directed by a licensed physician.

As a free app, a patient’s financial situation is not a barrier to using Medical Meditation. This inclusiveness will allow us to reach a greater number of people across socio-economic boundaries.

Additionally, Medical Meditation has been created by not only a physician, but a physician that has been through the healthcare system as a cancer patient and now survivor. This powerful insight sets Medical Meditation apart from all other guided meditation apps on the market today.

Medical Meditation will connect medical professionals, patients and clinical trials, thus furthering integration and awareness of resources for those suffering from chronic illnesses. The library of guided meditations is available with the launch of the app in Summer 2019. In the months to come, the app will include a database of active clinical trials, linking patients dealing with specific symptoms to trials in that particular illness.

Phone Meditations

The Different Meditations

  1. Beginners Meditation 1 – Mindfulness and Meditation is as simple as breathing. We take all the mumbo jumbo and mystery out by teaching basic skills related to the practice of mindfulness.
  2. Beginners Meditation 2 – Some people want a little extra time before a meditation to get mentally warmed up. This meditation is for the people who want an effective warmup before a longer session

The Proof

  • Meditation and mindfulness is an evolving field of medical science.
  • Mindfulness reduces the impact of stress and anxiety on patients and their families, which is an important part of treating the person holistically.
  • Meditation is a great compliment to approved medical therapies directed by a licensed physician, and should be used as adjunctive therapy.
  • Mindfulness can help people deal with the stress of illness, decrease pro-inflammatory cytokines and increase resilience.

The Topics

  • Abdominal Discomfort: Many people suffer from abdominal pain. Whether you have Crohn’s Disease, Diabetic Gastroparesis, Gastroesophageal Reflux or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, mindfulness can help. Our goal is to minimize tension and pain by creating moments of quiet focus.
  • Chronic Pain: Chronic pain can be debilitating and severely impact your life. People who suffer from chronic pain like Fibromyalgia can often feel there are not a lot of treatment options. Mindfulness and meditation can help to reduce the background pain level which can make it easier for medications to have a positive effect. Meditation is a side-effect-free way to help alleviate the effects of chronic pain.
  • Addiction: Addiction can be a challenge for many during their life. Mindfulness has been shown to promote recovery from lapses. Acceptance, focusing on positive change and practicing mindfulness are the themes of this meditation.
  • Cancer Diagnosis: Being diagnosed with cancer is life-changing. Meditation provides a chance for you to find some alone time amid a barrage of information, doctors appointments and worry. These quiet moments can help you process your diagnosis and find your own sources of strength.
  • Allergy related anxiety: Anxiety amongst children and adults with food allergies is on the rise. This meditation aims to relieve it by focusing on the facts about food allergies and lessening anxiety surrounding it.
  • Cancer Resiliency: Cancer is a journey that can sometimes feel very long. Helping people find resiliency during this time is of utmost importance, and is something Dr. Joshi understands intimately. In a study of breast cancer patients, mindfulness helped reduce cortisol response to chemotherapy. This means that the practice of mindfulness may positively change the way our bodies interact with medicine.
  • Anxiety: In our society today, anxiety is on the rise. Stress, restlessness, worrying thoughts and feelings of uncertainty can be relieved through meditative practice.
  • Asthma: Mindfulness in asthma patients has been shown in studies to increase the quality of life, and decrease stress in patients. This meditation focuses on breathing and adherence to medication in order to promote better asthma control.
  • Caregiver: 29% of the adult population of America are caregivers. The unaccounted force in healthcare are the people who look after their ill and frail family members. This is one of the noblest things a person can do. Yet, this group is notoriously under-supported. They experience burn out, sadness and depression at a higher rate than the general population. In caring for yourself, you will be better able to support your loved ones.
  • Improve sleep: Make sleep a positive and happy experience. Reduce the thoughts and worries before you go to bed. Meditation can relieve feelings of anxiety over trying to get to sleep. It can help to slow everything down, enabling you to have a restful sleep.
  • Depression: Depression can feel like a weight slowly crushing you. When diagnosed with a chronic illness, depression and sadness can be a natural reaction. Depression can make you feel sad, cloudy-minded, heavy and unable to enjoy the things you once did. Mindful meditation can help you find your own resiliency and lightness.
  • Neurological Conditions: Thanks to studies on mindfulness and neurological conditions we know that mindfulness can make positive physical changes in several areas of our brain. It’s also been shown that mindfulness may reduce cognitive decline in ageing and Alzheimer’s patients. This meditation is about appreciating all that our brains allow us to do, while also focusing on rest and repair mechanisms to encourage neuroplasticity.
  • Flight Related Anxiety: 6.5 percent of the population has flight-related fears or anxiety. We aid flyers by helping them relax, educating them about the normalcy of flight and making them excited about their journey. Travel opens up our viewpoints and hearts, and helping people do this is worthwhile.
  • Palliative Care: End of life transition is a process. This meditation is about reflecting on your life and allowing you to find comfort and ease during this time. The goal of this meditation is to reduce anxiety and to bring a sense of calm.
  • Post-Traumatic stress disorder: PTSD is a difficult disease because it redirects our focus from the great things in our lives to past trauma. This meditation is about cultivating the power to direct our thoughts to better places to find peace, relaxation and happier selves.
  • Grief: Grief is a powerful and all-encompassing emotion. It is also a universal part of the human experience to experience the loss of a loved one. Meditation can help you cope with the dark times and find a way through intense suffering.
  • Pre-Surgery: Surgery is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Entering the operating room with a positive mindset is an achievement. This meditation aims to help you minimize your anxiety before surgery and encourages recovery.
  • Relaxation: With the stresses of daily life, sometimes the hardest thing to do is relax. If you’re unsure of where to start, this meditation is the perfect introduction. This module is designed to get you ready for deeper meditation.
  • Smoking Cessation: Smoking is powerfully and is not an easy thing to quit. Quitting smoking leads to a variety of well-known health benefits and is an important step to achieving optimal health. The goal of this guided meditation is to reduce the stress associated with quitting.
  • Skin Conditions: Our skin’s health has a huge impact on our physical and mental well-being. Stress, anxiety and depression are often a result of suffering from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and chronic hives. This meditation focuses on reducing anxiety, improving our self-talk, and the intricate cellular cascades in our skin.
  • Weight Loss: Weight loss can positively affect many different conditions including Type II Diabetes and heart disease. Weight loss is about creating healthy habits that increase personal well-being. Weight loss should not be about punishment, suffering or negativity. Meditation and visualization can be a great help on your weight loss journey.
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