Ever since I was born, it was hard for me to look at myself as normal.

By Andrew Quiambao

Ever since I was born, it was hard for me to look at myself as normal with Atopic Dermatitis. With that said going to the doctor for the cream to calm my atopic dermatitis made me realize that steroids work but will eventually have side effects in the future. 

When I was younger my mom would apply a ton of cream on my skin because my atopic dermatitis was terrible. I’ve been to a dermatologist and all they recommend was steroids or trying different lotions. While switching lotions worked, my skin became used to it and my eczema would still persist. In cooler weather, my skin becomes really dry causing me to moisturize every hour or so, but in warmer weather it makes me scratch a lot causing me to have cuts from scratching too hard.

My skin adapts to the seasons

The way this affects my work-life balance depends on the environment I’m in if the workspace is too cold I have to moisturize a lot and if the space is too hot I would need a fan beside me to cool me off. Living in Canada where the seasons change my skin adapts to the season as its peels off every time a new season starts which is great because the feeling of none dry skin is good but eventually it goes back to being the same. As of recently I’ve stopped using steroids to calm my atopic dermatitis but use it from time to time if it gets worst.

Trying to be confident in my own skin

Having this type of this skin problem has made me self-conscious about myself and how people see me when meeting them. But, I have no control of my skin and have been trying my utmost best to be confident in my own skin regardless of this problem.

Recently I’ve come to accept the fact that I can’t change my atopic dermatitis and the only thing that can help it is steroids or moisturizing frequently but I would love to know a way to help without using steroids.  

Thank you!

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